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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by A.Goldberg, Jun 23, 2015.

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    Anyone have any experience or advice on buying a garment/fabric steamer? I understand these won't replace the function of an iron, but I'm looking to save some time ironing and time/money at the dry cleaners. I absolutely hate ironing, and my neuroticism makes me anal about any little imperfection in the ironing process.

    I've been told going to dry cleaners wears out clothes faster, I don't know if that's true. Does steaming wear out clothes any faster than ironing?

    It appears you can spend anywhere from $40 to $350+ on these, but most are $100 or less. I'd prefer to spend enough to buy a decent quality one. Any suggestions?
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    I find steamers works great on delicate fabric (silk, satin). I can remove wrinkles in 1/3 the time of ironing AND I don't have to worry about burning the fabric. But not so great on heavy fabric (cotton, linen). It takes twice as long on average, but the fabric isn't as stiff.
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    If you are talking about dress shirts, dry cleaners don't dry clean shirts, they use a laundry machine. I used to iron my own shirts, but I don't do a good job and it takes over an hour to iron my week's shirts. It costs $1.75/shirt around here.

    I used a steamer once, it didn't work so well and it's not stiff like ironing.
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    I have a handheld Rowenta steamer that works pretty well. You need to make sure to pull the garment, as if to flatten, when steaming it. What I do is hang the clothing over my door with a hanger, and then pull the bottom of it as I'm steaming. If you just hang it up and start spraying steam, it won't do a whole lot.
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    I bought a Rowenta full size steamer today. Seems to work pretty well. It doesn't provide the same effects as an iron, but it works pretty good for most things. I even steamed a pair of underwear just because I could.
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    As long as you weren't wearing said underwear when you steamed them, you'll be fine. :)

    But seriously, I've been considering purchasing a pants presser for some time (the kind that holds the pants vertically). We spend a lot dry cleaning pants that could be washed and pressed, but neither I nor my wife manage to do a good job with an iron. Anyone have experience with these?
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    hi all
    i want to buy a good steamer
    Please anyone tell me about this???

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