Gaudi Bruno - The cuddly brown bear cub

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    Nov 16, 2009
    Hi Everyone,

    I would like to share you with one of the useful app named "Gaudi Bruno". The app mainly helps the kids to learn the good values and also helps to increase Diversity quality in friendship.


    The stories are aimed at children in the 3-7 year of age. Gaudi Bruno is a fast-paced, exciting and interactive storybook. A beautiful introduction into nature, friendships and discovery. Unlike physical storybooks, Gaudi Bruno is fabulously interactive, allowing your child to feel as if they are exploring the world with Bruno, not just watching him.

    Check out the cool features in it >>

    •Available in English, Spanish and Italian
    •Over 100 animation effects, numerous controlled by the user
    •Over 50 sounds that play throughoust the storybook
    •Lovable characters in a lovable story
    •Soundtrack featuring four original tunes
    •Suitable for younger and older children, no matter of their reading ability.
    •Interactive games are scattered throughout the story

    Download here>>

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