iPad mini Gave my Mini a Hernia!!

Discussion in 'iPad' started by jimbo1mcm, Nov 4, 2012.

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    Ok, I am spoiled because I have a new rMBP with lots of Ram and a SSD. But I REALLY like the Mini. I will use it when I travel. On my MBP, I use Chrome and have lots of tabs ready to be selected. Very easy. I like Atomic Web Browser on the Mini. It kind of emulates Chrome with the tabs on the Mini. It has lots of settings to customize the browser. I bookmarked about 8 or 9 websites and set it to open when the Mini turns on. Well, it takes a long time and uses up all the RAM. I have an app called Free Memory and it shows only about 15mb RAM left when stuff is open. So now I just changed the startup on Atomic to my Home Page and when I want to change websites, I just use the Bookmark tab. Even with the RAM limitations, this is a great little device. I would highly recommend it. The screen is very usable. Of course not as good as my rMBP, but in about 3 seconds after you turn it on, you get used to it. Books are great on it. If you have any doubt, go for it. Do not try and wait on a retina version. You can always get rid of the first gen and get another one. Also, remember to turn on multigestures in settings and you can just use a four or five finger grab to get back to your start screen instead of hitting the button.
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    Why not add this to one of the 50 other iPad mini threads? Glad you like it.

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