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Mar 22, 2020
Some geekbench results are already coming in for the i3-1000ng4 and the i5-1030ng7 versions of the macbook air 2020.

For both processors, there is a large spread in the results for both single core and multicore.

The lowest score is 733 for single core and 1574 for multicore.
The highest score is 1094 for single core and 2412 for multicore.

low single core: 994
High single core: 1180
Low multi core: 2663
High multi core 3300

In the geekbench overview on, it looks like the scores are clustered together in either the lower end or higher end of the range.

My interpretation is that users eager to test the potential of the laptop, immediately starts geekbench5 while the operating system is still using processor resources to set up the system (indexing files, syncing to the cloud etc). Starting the geekbench tests on a hot processor, does not provide a good basis for comparison. Therefore showing a large spread in results.
This interpretation is supported by the results from one youtuber, that saw significantly lower geekbench scores in his first run compared to the second run.

Assuming that the higher scores are more representative for comparison, the i5 are approximately 10% faster in single core, and approximately 35% faster in the multicore comparison.

Why does the i5 only score 35% faster than i3 on the multicore test while having double the amount of cores? I do not fully understand why, and are hopefull to hear your comments on this topic.
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