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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by twoturnspin, Nov 9, 2018.

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    I have changed from an iPad Pro Gen 2 to Gen 3 12.9”. My Gen 2 had a third party case which had an integrated Pencil holder - loved it. I use Pencil a lot so keeping the two items together works well for me.

    Thought I would try a keyboard case and, due to lack of options, have gone with an Apple Smart Keyboard Folio. As an aside, I can’t say I am totally delighted with the kbd folio, two key reasons: lack of backlighting on keys (seriously no backlighting!!!) and there is no “low angle” option but that is not the purpose of this thread.

    The magnetic attachment of Pencil works fine on a desk but if you put it in your bag it pops off easily and so doesn’t work well for me as I want to be able to easily extract it from my bag without needing to search for the pencil as well. I can imagine that I will end up losing a pencil or two just relying on the magnetic attachment.

    So I’m wondering if anyone is aware of cases that integrate a Pencil holder for Gen 3 iPads? Logitech hasn’t released one as yet which is probably the most likely option, any idea how long they usually take to release cases for new Apple products?
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    None of those are for the 2018 Pro models.

    TC I’m sure options are coming. Right now a lot of the 3rd party designs don’t take into account that the pencil needs a magnetic connection to charge. So I’d hold off for now. Just put the pencil in the pen holder of your bag.
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    I have found a couple of cases, supposedly made for the new iPad Pro, 11”. However, upon trial, none of them allow for the magnetic pairing/battery recharge. They do fit the form of the device, but the method for pencil attachment just does not work, and the iPad needs to be removed from the case in order to perform this function. Would be a real nuisance to constantly do this.

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