Gen1 ATV iTunes Store No Longer Work on ANY unit here

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by MagnusVonMagnum, Apr 19, 2014.

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    Both my Generation 1 AppleTV units suddenly cannot connect to the iTunes Store. One says it's not available even though it still shows store menu options and the other one doesn't show any store related menu options any longer and keeps trying to load the store or something (my own movies keep reloading their icons as if it's trying to connect). The latter one is slowing the ATV down (i.e. if I load XBMC there's some weird spotty lag which I assume has to do with it trying desperately to connect to the iTunes store in the background). That one was running XBMC last night and apparently crashed out of it back to the Apple menu. The other one that simply can't connect was in the Apple interface all night.

    Given that the iTunes store is working just fine working fine on my ATV Gen2 unit and also inside iTunes itself on my Mac Mini Server, I have to wonder if Apple has done something that only affects AppleTV Gen1 units, say perhaps cancelling all iTunes Store support for Gen1 units without telling anyone and leaving the units attempting to communicate with services apparently no longer there? Given they never officially announced ending update support for Gen1 units and never officially announced dumping Safari for Windows, I certainly would NOT put it past them to do something so underhanded.

    Does anyone else with an ATV Gen1 still running the AppleTV interface (i.e. not turned into CrystalUbuntu) experience an outage right now also or is it just crapping out with unbelievable odds simultaneously on both my units for no apparent reason?

    Edit: I just sent Apple a bug report. It claims they will get back to me within 24 hours. They actually have in the past regarding rental issues, etc. on the 1st Gen units. I really hope they didn't just decide to brick all ATV Gen1 units (i.e. that feedback loop attemping to load the iTunes store is screwing things up). I guess I'd have to convert them both to CrystalUbuntu/XBMC if that happens. Oddly enough, I just got my CrystalHD card in the mail a few days ago (haven't installed it yet) for my home theater unit now that I have an Ethernet connection connected to the unit. I was going to leave the Apple interface for now until I get my 1080p 3D projector later this year, but XBMC only is better than nothing.
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    Thus, far, though it would seem something Apple did only affects Gen1 users (resetting a Gen2/3 seems to fix it but the Gen1 is hosed). Someone thinks they updated their servers and something hosed Gen1 users, possibly related to the Heartbleed bug/fix on the Akamai content provider end or something. The worst part is that many of the support people at Apple don't even seem to know about it. I got an email back from an Apple support tech (I clicked on support instead of feedback and got a response within a few hours) and they just want to run me through the reset/update process, which according to that thread won't work and would be a PITA (and a waste of time), especially since my units are running XBMC, etc. But this also tells me Apple has not sent out any emails or whatever informing their support teams of the issue or they wouldn't be wasting my (and their) time.

    A better question would be why such news hasn't made the front page of MacRumors and other sites. Getting the information out to the masses is the first step in fixing problems that big companies like Apple don't seem to care about when it's only a few hundred people or whatever.

    Ultimately, if Apple doesn't fix this, I guess I'll have to convert both boxes into XBMC-only Linux boxes using something like Crystalbuntu. Ironically, I just got my CrystalHD card in the mail a few days ago for my home theater unit (I'm getting ready to update my 720p LCD projector unit to a 1080p/3D projector there soon and want to be able to put my BD collection in 1080p on a network or hard drive at some point instead of the current 720p encodes. I really don't like using a BD player when I can just use a nice menu system to access movies around the house).
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    Yeh, happened to me too, I have Atv-flash with xbmc running and with crystalHD card. I only just installed it and did some file transfers when this happened and thought it was due to the jailbreak platform. I tried to restore everything and then my hard disk failed, so I need to replace it now. I use the atv1 for xbmc and iTunes Plus & LP playback anyway with the atv3 for store connection which gives acces to 1080p, so not too concerned if store connection is removed. Only before the atv1 died, it was doing some funny flickering like trying to read the movie files plus did not play movies properly (only iTunes - xbmc playback was fine). I'm wondering if this will happen again after I replace the hard disk ? Atv1 may become purely xbmc player after all.

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