General Apple/MacBook reliability - also help buying in UK

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by winky, Mar 22, 2009.

  1. winky macrumors newbie

    Mar 9, 2009
    I'm a long time lurker but am still in two minds to get a UK Aluminium Macbook, the only thing putting me off is the reliability aspect.
    Its my own fault for hanging around in the forums and listening to other posters problems and that most people usually only post when they have breakdown or issue problems. But I'm really keen to know about Apple overall reliability.

    I understand from having lurked for a very long time that Apple goes through all sorts of issues/problems ie Ibook G4 motherboard failures, the Powerbook Mooing saga, Ibook case cracking, Powerbook GPU failures etc, Superdrives not reading discs. Also reading about horror stories about Applecare/Genius repairs and refuals to do warranty work because of a small scratch or minor dent doesn't help or inspire confidence in me purchasing.

    I dont mind paying big money but I really value reliability and service. £925 is big money here in the UK and I really want my machine to last 3 years, so what should I do..?

    should I buy from Amazon UK £825 and £125 Allianz 3 year accidental and breakdown but only 1 claim?

    John Lewis £925 2 year breakdown? (not accidental)

    Apple Store Regents Street £925 and buy 3 year Applecare £190 - and face the temperaments of the Genius whims? "Sorry we cant fix your macbook because there is a speck of dust"

    Also I have some further questions:

    1. Does the DVD player do GPU decoding now on Leopard? or is all software based, my sister had a early IBook 12" and it was running Jaguar and it looked atrocious whilst my pc was doing all GPU decoding and it looked brilliant

    2. What is now offloaded to the GPU in terms of O/S

    3. Why are superdrives so picky about reading and writing DVDs?

    4. Is it true that the built in fans dont actually turn under Bootcamp? ie switched off?

    5. I really need MSN Messenger with video support, what is best way to run it, Bootcamp or Virtual ie Parallels. I'm not interested in Adium, Mercury as I hear they are probematic. I need MSN to speak to my wife overseas.

    6. Loudness of fans and frequency, often I hear people when reviewing that the Macbook machine runs very quietly silent, is this true?

    7. Are the Magsafes safe - ie no more fraying wires or burning?

    Sorry for all the questions and apologies if this comes off like a Troll...
  2. shoppy macrumors 6502a

    Mar 4, 2007
    Or spend £799 + £46 apple care from apple store on line, for base model, top end costs £967 of the top of my head. Or get a MBP from ebay for £1040 like I did. I have house hold insurance.
  3. citycm macrumors newbie

    May 11, 2008
    I actually am really impressed with Apple Customer Support and the Geniuses. I have a White Macbook that got a crack on the bottom casing which isn't a known issue and they went ahead and replaced the casing free of charge with no hassle - it also took less that 48 hours to get my Macbook back from the store.

    I think all the stories you hear about Geniuses being awkward are largely inflated. If you experience problems with the Genius, go home and phone AppleCare and deal with them.

    As for where to buy from, you could buy the Macbook from Amazon and still buy AppleCare from elsewhere (I bought mine from eBay for £85).

    There's currently a BETA version of MSN Messenger out which supports Video. I had the same problem and actually installed XP in Bootcamp until I found this version of MSN and it works a treat.
  4. citycm macrumors newbie

    May 11, 2008
    I think you're looking at Higher Education Pricing. In the normal store the base model Alu is £929 and the high end is £1125.

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