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    I just recently purchased my 13" MBA I5. And Im currently working full time, and I really want to go back to school to finally start up college classes. Its just that the timing isnt right right now. So Im trying to find some General Education Software or Programs so I can freshen up on it since Im sure Ill be very rusty when I enrolled, and thats even if Im able to enroll. So maybe someone can help me out with some names to programs or software that I can purchase or download. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    My opinion is to enroll at University of Phoenix online. The degree doesn't hold value but it's 5 week classes and every class is transferrable to a college. While I was in the military I took classes there online in Iraq and at my bases and when I returned I checked UNCC, UCSB and a few others and all of mine were accepted.
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    Not sure if this will help but I've been through it too

    I don't know if this is what you have in mind, but I'm a grad student of some (ahem) maturity. I too just purchased my first MBA. So here are what I have found helpful (you can get a student discount for hundreds of products on many sites including Amazon):

    1. Inspiration software. It appears that it's for teachers and children but it's quite invaluable for brainstorming, outlining, gathering your thoughts and re-arranging them when writing papers. It's all I use as an aid to organize what I want to write. Oh, I love this program!

    2. Word for Mac 2011, or the entire suite if you want to spring for it. I got my Office suite at a huge discount, software download only, by doing an internet search for what I wanted. You can do a free trial through their web site:

    Depending on what courses you plan to take, go to the MLA or APA web sites for free guides on the two different styles of citations, quotes, references, bibliographies, works cited. The differences are something you'll need to know. Get accustomed to the requirements before you have to sit down at your MBA, write your first paper and panic!

    Other than that, try to get used to using your MBA's built in thesaurus and dictionary. Very handy and free.

    This is a freebie web site that has all kinds of useful tools for writing:
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    If you are worried about college placement tests, these may be helpful.

    Rather than software, there are many resources available free on the internet:

    One that gets lots of press (rightly so) these days is Khan Academy has videos on numerous subjects from arithmetic to advanced mathematics, science, economics, etc.

    A lengthy set of resources and resource links in a variety of subject areas is available at
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    Educational software

    Another very helpful tip in the search for the right school software deals with the software's components or modules. Some online school administration software deals mostly in the administration area only where information such as student enrollment, billing and grading are highlights.

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