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    Hi there,

    I have an iphone with 1.2.2 firmware. I have just installed the program to send MMS. I made all the setting required with my phone provider. However, I am suppose to insert the APN string. I read that I am suppose to do that in Settings>General>Network>Edge. Unfortunately, in Network section, I am not able to see any possibility to set up EDGE (ther is no EDGE voice).....but this latter equivalent to APN? What is wrong in my iphone? Did I make something wrong in jailbreaking process?

    Thanks in advance
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    Some Helpful Information

    These guys over at HACKINT0SH were having some issues too. It seems like after activation, the menu for EDGE disappears forever.. until you take out your SIM and put it back in! Then, you have to go to the Setting>General>Network page, then there's EDGE!! Good luck.

    Here's the forum:
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