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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Hrothgar, Aug 7, 2019.

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    I've got an old Apple Airport Extreme -- probably more than 10 years. In the past few years, I notice that my signal drops when I'm in parts of my apartment that used to have fine coverage -- no more than 20 feet away, sometimes with a wall (drywall, not contract) in between.

    Would this be a problem with the strength of the router? I.e., should I get a new router or an extender?
    Or a problem with the broadband signal -- should I upgrade my service from 50 mbs to something higher.

    When I'm near the router I have no problems streaming Netflix or other content.
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    Increasing your service bandwidth isn't going to solve that issue. You're probably right that the 10 year old AirPort Extreme is probably wearing out. Might be time to get a new wifi router. New ones will have wireless AC which will give you much better coverage than the wireless N AirPort you have now.
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    If you a good Airport like router take a look at Synology Router RT2600 to hang a Time machine drive behind it!

    Look at this review:
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    It's time to look for a replacement.

    Have you considered one of the numerous "mesh" systems now on the market?
    The best are the "tri-band" systems such as the Linksys Velop and Netgear Orbi.

    I've been using a 2-node Velop system for a while now, nice upgrade from my old "flat" Airport Extreme (which I keep around as "a backup")...

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