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macrumors regular
Jun 8, 2017
Welcome to the customer support from Apple in 2018. Less knowledgeable "geniuses," bogus reasons for why the device isn't working, and longer waiting times.


macrumors regular
Jul 29, 2015
They got to big for their own good and now that personal experience is going to be gone.

Quick story went to the Apple Store no line met the greeter and said I came to pick up an Apple TV 4K bought online already paid for and it’s pulled and ready for pick up took me 25 minutes to walk out with an item that was already done and all they needed to do was change hands from an Apple rep to myself

It was during the week midday not around any of the holidays


macrumors G5
Jan 17, 2013
Wales, United Kingdom
In the past I’ve just walked into the Apple store and asked to see someone without an appointment. It’s my statutory consumer right to be able to return or be advised on a faulty product and to my knowledge it’s one of the few shops that has an appointment system. I don’t have to book an appointment to take a pair of trousers back at Next. I’ve never had a problem being seen at Apple.
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