Genius Bar problem? *need help*

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by rph105, Apr 23, 2009.

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    My PowerMac G5 died on tuesday, doesn't power on at all, I went to the Genius Bar on Weds and they looked over it and said it was the Power Supply and invoiced me £150. Left the computer with them yesterday with a 5 day turnaround.

    I get a call today saying "oh no, its not the power supply, it's the logic board, which will set you back £500"

    Are they allowed to do this? I mean once they quoted me are they allowed to re-quote me a completely different price for a completely different problem.

    Thanks in advance
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    I guess they can unless you have some kind of proof from them to say that the PSU is the fault and that is what is being repaired.

    You could( and should IMHO) argue the fact that you have been told the fault is PSU related and invoiced accordingly then, after leaving the machine with them the Logic board has failed.

    As the machine is in their care it is their responsibility to fix that fault and only bill you for the initial fault.

    Companys have a duty of care for products sent in for repair, trouble is proving it. I'd definitely go for the calm, but firm approach

    I'd get a letter sent to the store manager asap, explain the situation calmly and include as much back up information as you can, dates , times , names of people spoken to etc etc
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    No I think you should object. Of course it may well be a problem of the logic board, but there is also the risk that somehow they damaged the logic board in the process. Even unintentionally.

    I would speak with a manage before accepting.
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    Think of it this way

    Suppose you towed your car into a shop totally dead. They believe that the fuel pump is dead and quote you a price for it.

    Later they find that it was not the fuel pump, but rather the ECM (computer) causing the vehicle not to run. Assuming that you did not have both fail (and they only quoted you for the ECM) are you then going to demand that they only charge you for a fuel pump? Good luck in getting that honored.

    IMHO, the only thing you have to decide at this point is the machine worth the cost of a new motherboard? I know it is not what anyone wants to hear, but just because an initial diagnosis is wrong does not change things.

    Different failures will cost either more or less. A misdiagnosis does not change anything other than your original expectation of the cost of repair.

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