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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by bwb, Oct 1, 2015.

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    My rMB was dropped off a few days ago at a local Apple store, genius bar. They shipped it out to the closest repair depot, and on Apple's online repair status tracking it shows it is at the last step, Step 3: Return, with status "Product shipped to Apple Store" (Step 2 is repair complete). Fedex tracking associated with that says it was delivered yesterday morning to my local Apple store.

    I called them yesterday afternoon to ask if it would be ready to pickup since their online status said it was delivered back to the store. The manager over the phone first said "Sir, it isn't' available for pickup. Yes the depot has repaired it but we haven't received it yet." I then mentioned that Apple's link to fedex tracking said that it had been delivered that morning, and the manager responded "Well, we haven't checked it in yet. Please wait for our phone call to let you know it is ready." The manager seemed a bit irritated that I was even calling, and didn't provide any more information about how long things would take.

    That was yesterday... today still no phone call, status still says "Product shipped to Apple Store". Does anyone have experience with how long their intake is? Does it typically take them a couple days between receiving the fixed product and having it ready for pickup?
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    It depends on how busy your local Apple Store is. Generally they try to get your repaired item back in your hands as soon as possible. It used to be that most repairs were handled in the store but with the advent of non upgradeable Macs where everything is soldered to the logic board, units are sent out to repair depots where the work can be efficiently done.

    Having said that, two days waiting in my opinion is unacceptable. You might want to call again and politely remind them that you would like to have your machine back. If you get the same response, go higher up the Apple food chain and let them know.
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    I guess I'll wait another day and give them a call tomorrow if I hadn't heard back. Person answering the phone tonight was the same manager I think, and I'd rather not tick them off and have the final inspection done sloppily. Thing in, I wasn't even in a rush to pick it up (it's more of a tertiary machine, most of my work is on Windows/Linux), just it is on my way home from work so I wanted to check in to see if would be available that evening.

    I see you are in DFW, this is the Austin ("The Domain") location, btw.

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