Genius Replaced my iPhone 4..... Then it broke...

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Lc*, Feb 19, 2011.

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    Jan 3, 2011
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    I love my iPhone4 :)

    I had problems with my iPhone back along with callers or people i ring randomly not being able to hear me, theyre extremely crackly to me both on the loudspeaker and the ear piece and had the same problem with headphones. It also had a random error message telling me my accessory wasnt optimised for this iPhone although ihad no accessory :|

    Anyways i went to the genius bar and after half a ton of dust was cleared out of every possible oriface he agreed it should be
    replaced with one of their reconditioned
    ones. Happy days :)

    I restored it from my orihinal back up bar my apps so only had contacts messages photos etc etc..

    Its been a week and i was gutted when i noticed the missus shouting hellooo?? Down the phone at me when she couldnt hear me and yup she started crackling.

    Suppose its another 50 mile drive to my Apple store to get another one?? :/ just for it to f**k up again? Or any better ideas? :)
  2. AndrewR23, Feb 19, 2011
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    Jun 24, 2010

    I had a flawless iPhone 4 until the mic went out. The replacements are mostly crappy yellow screens. trying my luck in San Francisco tomorrow. Keep trying for a replacement and test everything before you leave. test the calling, ect.

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