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    Aug 26, 2015
    How do I prove there is not data on an iPad someone claims is on there to commit a crime? This person has used Net Master/Net Tracker/Geo Tracer to try to prove there are incriminating texts, but when I ask him to prove his claims he uses suggestive/predictive text to make words in Geo Trace.

    Who could I take the iPad to for some type of analysis?
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    Aug 26, 2015
    I would like to know if this is a valid process to obtain keystroke data.

    (Link to video below)

    On the iPad he goes into Geo Trace, (which is in Net Tracker in Net Master,) and portions of phrases that are supposedly from texts on the iPhone show on two lines on the screen with a 3rd line above that he ‘edits’. Suggestive/predictive text words show below as they do when texting on your iPhone.

    He deletes and adds letters to the partial phrase that shows in the top line, and uses the suggestive/predictive text words until he gets the 'incriminating' phrases to show.

    It is my understanding that predictive type picks up how one writes, along with offering words that commonly follow other words and remembers phrases you use often, but also recalls words you have used once. (For instance I used the f word only once in a text and it still shows, quite often when I type f as a 1st letter of a word.)

    Is this how Geo Trace works? Is this the purpose of Geo Trace? I have videos of him using this process and it makes no sense to me as the accuser appears to do more deleting/adding/guessing than using actual phrases that show.

    He syncs the iPad with the iPhone periodically to get these messages. The iPhone and iPad have not been jailbroken.

    I tried to upload a photo in pdf format and a video .mov here and I keep getting errors.

    Here is a link to the video. Password to view the video is is tracevid2433.


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