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    I've already seen ZiPhone 2.4 and iJailbreak and was going to use one of those to unlock my iPhone. But more recently I have seen one called Geohotz. It is supposed to unlock the iPhone and not brick the iPhone with future Apple updates. How does that work? All of that sounds perfect but there must be some downsides? Is the any GUI interface to use Geohotz and unlock the iPhone? I'm not very good with all the code and stuff.

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    From what I can tell, they are all related. Geohot was the first to release a software unlock for 1.1.3 OOTB phones. ZiPhone and (I think) iJailbreak are repackagings of this work with additions and tweaks to make the process easier and more comprehensive, including a GUI.

    You'll find passionate advocates of both ZiPhone adn iJailbreak, but they seem to be fairly comparable. However, none of them are guaranteed to be Apple update proof. Previous jailbreaks and unlocks have generally been broken when the phone was updated. Some of them caused the phone to be bricked when updated.

    If you use an unlock, best to wait and see if it survives the update by watching Forums such as this one to see how the hackers and early adopters fare.

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