Germany gets tough on Facebook with fines...about time.

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    Facebook is fighting back against a proposed law that would force social networks to remove hateful content more quickly.
    The American social media giant wrote in a statement seen by German news magazine WirtschaftsWoche that the proposed law is “inadequate” to be able to fight hate speech and fake news.

    Thus far Facebook has not spoken openly about the proposed legislation, WirtschaftsWoche reported on Sunday.

    The law is being pushed by Justice Minister Heiko Maas, and threatens social media sites with fines of up to €50 million if they do not quickly and consistently remove flagged content.

    Critics have said that such measures could hinder free speech as websites rush to remove posts within the one- to seven-day timeframe. Others also argue that the law would privatize law enforcement, a sentiment which Facebook also echoed.

    “The constitutional state should not pass on its own failures and responsibilities to private companies,” Facebook wrote in the statement.

    “The prevention of and fight against hate speech and fake news is an official task that the state cannot evade.”

    The Silicon Valley-based company also wrote that the large fine for companies found in violation of the proposed law would be “out of proportion with the sanctioned behaviour.”

    Facebook further called for a European solution and warned of “going it alone nationally.” Facebook is in the advertising business and is more concerned with users posting music on their sites covered by copywrite...and NOT concerned about Neo_Nazi and Fake news.
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    How is Facebook going to determine what is hate speech ? If I said "Trump's temporary immigrant ban is a good idea", some people would agree while others will call it hate speech.

    The only system that would work is that Facebook would have to segregate the German (or European) servers from everyone else (i.e. you remove post for the German (or European) users only). Facebook would then need to give access to the German (European) government so that they would be responsible for auditing / removing questionable post.
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    We need a Ministry of Truth that can regulate speech and determine what is deemed truthful and not hate.
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    1984 is calling! :):D

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