Get a 3G iPhone, save money?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by lmcintyre, Jul 14, 2008.

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    be sure the FAN actually applies to the data portion. most only apply to the voice plan
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    In the case of iPhone 3G it will applied to both data and voice plan because the data is included in the "plan" unlike iPhone 2G where you have to "buy" the data "separately" in a way even though it's forced on you...

    Plus, yes my university has 20% discount as well...


    iPhone 2G:
    900 Minutes
    200 SMS
    Unlimited EDGE

    Approx: $90 after Tax and Fees (I'm rounding up big time) PER MONTH
    Then: $299 (I got the 4GB) + (24 * 90) = $2459 OR $2559 if you get the more publicized 8GB version

    iPhone 3G:
    900 Minutes
    FAN Discount
    + $5
    200 SMS
    Unlimited 3G

    (If you have FAN Discount, you can even call AT&T and ask to add TMS4 which is $8.99 1500 SMS)

    Approx: $86 After Tax and Fees (Again, rounding) PER MONTH
    Then: $299 (For the White 16GB that I want to get) + (24 * 86) = $2363

    With the same minute plan, I get:
    2X-4X Storage

    With approx $100 Cheaper after 2 years and a saving of $4 per month. If you get the 8GB iPhone 2G and 16GB iPhone 3G, then you save $200.

    Otherwise, I can also top up around $300 After 2 Years (Or merely $13 per month) to get 1350 minutes which is an addition of 450 per month!!!

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    Jul 11, 2008
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    I checked with my IT department (and in their website as well)
    Also, what you can do is to go to

    Enter your AT&T phone number and your .edu email address and see whether you qualify :)

    Alternatively you can go to AT&T store and just ask

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