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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Flomer, Jun 11, 2013.

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    I am currently weighing on buying a MBA or rMBP. As well all know, there were no updates for the rMBP. My current situation is the one that I need a new computer before the end of July, and I was wondering I f I should buy the current rMBP or wait until the next update.

    I bought a new MBA last summer which I used for school, however it got stolen in March. Since then I have been using my Windows desktop as I've not had the time to get a new Mac. The MBA was perfect for me last year as it was great for school and simple work. The difference now is that my windows desktop is starting to get old and I was thinking of getting a new Mac and use it as my main computer, but also use it for school. So, should I get a rMBP instead of a new MBA?

    The only thing I'm worried about with the rMBP is its battery life. Would I manage to go through a 4 hour session (with low brightness) in a word processing program without having to recharge it?

    I'll be using the computer for extensive work in Microsoft Word, Excel, some photo editing (hence the retina) and some minor gaming from time to time. Of course I will also use it for browsing and emails.


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    Given that WWDC has come and gone, I seriously doubt you'll see an update to the MBP line before August.

    Plenty of battery life for these tasks. I wouldn't worry at all.

    You're comments about battery life and workflow leave me to conclude you are the perfect candidate for the newly updated MBA. I almost wish I had less demanding needs myself. 12 hours between charges sounds tantalizing.
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    Based on what you say I wouldn't buy anything right now. You said you need a new computer by the end of July, so I assume you don't need it right now ergo you can wait. If you can wait then wait, a new version of the rMBP might be released in the meantime giving you more choices when you have to get a new computer. If you wait you might also be able to get on the back to school promo.

    The retina should be a better fit for you as far as photo editing and gaming is concerned, both rMBP and MBA will be able to handle office apps you mentioned.

    Battery on the current model rMBP should last you between 6-7 hours, the upcoming rMBP will last even longer but even the current 6-7 hours is more then the 4 hours you require.
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    Sep 1, 2012
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    Wait until the last minute if you can. I REALLY don't think Apple wants to miss the Mid July to Mid August back to school window. Although some call for a release with Mavericks, Apple will make more money releasing before Mavericks and then charging the $20 upgrade. More cash. I'm thinking July on the refresh.
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    You wont see any updates to the rmbp until after the BTS stuff.



    - the 13" rmbp is getting thinner.
    - the 15" could possible have a much better dGPU (look at the new razor blade)
    - haswell proc's, new iGPU's, and better battery life with help from mavericks...and they'll want their customers to get that type of battery life out the door, so a mavericks + hardware change makes sense
    - New Mac Pro's will almost certainly get a keynote event.

    With that said....those are all PRO related updates....makes sense to have a single event for all of it.

    Plus, BTS special starts fairly soon, and they wont release those types of updates in the middle of it.

    buy now (during BTS), or wait until late Oct/early Nov (30+ days after BTS)

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