Get Apple wireless keyboard and mouse to work in windows(boot camp)help!


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Feb 18, 2008

I installed windows XP Pro SP3 by using boot camp. You follow the process of installing windows and the Apple wireless keyboard and mouse work fine. Yhan you insert the Leopard CD to install the boot camp drivers in windows. Done, and the mouse and keyboard don't work anymore!

I can't connect in the bluetooth menu because you have to enter the connection code but the keyboard doesn't connect so I can't type the code in, same for the mouse. Btw they are both found when scanning for bluetooth devices.

Please Help! how do i get them to work, install updates/firmware in windows or what do I need?

Thank you!


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Mar 23, 2008
When you connect, you must click the mouse button(s) to establish the connection, i think you have to type or press the power button on the keyboard