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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by fishkorp, Dec 10, 2015.

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    I found this old in-stock checker for iPhones online. I modified it to add the Apple Pencil, and it worked. I got an email saying my local store had it available for pickup. I quickly went online and purchased for in-store pickup.

    Here's the website that breaks it down:

    This gist of it is this part:
    1. Click here to make a copy of the Apple Tracker script in your Google Drive.
    2. You’ll have a sheet with a list of all available models of the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and the upcoming iPad Mini with Retina. Put “Y” against items that you wish to track.
    3. Go to the Apple Tracker menu in the sheet and choose Initialize. Then click “Accept” at the authorization dialog. The script is open-source and none of your data leaves your Drive.
    4. Choose Start Tracking under the Apple Tracker menu. Enter your zip code (U.S. only) and your email address where you wish to receive product availability alerts. Click the Start Tracking button and exit the Google sheet.

    What I did was add 2 rows to the sheet. For the product name column I put "Apple Pencil for iPad Pro" as both. For the Product ID I put "MK0C2" and "MK0C2AM/A" as I'm not sure which is the ID they use for stock checking. I set both columns to "Y" to check (and sell all the old iPhones to "N") and then did the initialize. This helps people from having to refresh a website every hour :)
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    Thanks for this! I just got it running from my iPad Pro. After clicking the link, I had to go into my Google Drive, tell Safari to load the full version of the page, and then manually make a copy of the Apple Tracker script. I then went to edit my copy, and had to make Safari load the full version of the page again. Then I was able to see the 'Apple Tracker' menu and have it start tracking.
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    This is the US part # for the Smart Keyboard - MJYR2 & MJYR2LL/A. Got it from adding the product to my cart.

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