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Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by Sheza, Aug 30, 2014.

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    I use a PC and a Mac interchangeably. Pages can open and edit .docx files no problem at all, and can keep them as .docx files as it makes changes. But Word 2013 for PC can't read .pages files.

    Using OneDrive to sync went from being a simple lifesaver to a nightmare.

    Since Pages can clearly open & edit .docx files once they are made, is there any way to save new documents created in pages as .docx files, so I can start them on my Mac and finish them on my PC?

    I tried opening (in Pages) a blank .docx I made on my PC and setting it as a template in Pages but that didn't work. I didn't really expect it to but hey, I tried.

    I don't use Word for Mac 2011 because it's ugly and slow :S I have got Parallels running Word 2013 pretty nicely but it's still not all that smooth so I'm planning on sticking with Pages until a new native Office for Mac is out. Thus in the mean time if you can solve my problem I would be very grateful!
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    Create your document. Instead of File, Save, choose File, Export to Word.

    Then close your pages document without saving it and open the .docx file

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    Yup, I often do as suggested here. It works well to to make an attachment for an e-mail to open and print a document on a PC in the office on campus.

    It is a little less instinctive as "Save as…." from the File menu, as it was on earlier iterations of Pages, but it works fine. It also took a frustrating while before I discovered it.

    I mostly work at home, where I usually use Pages….. which may not have all the features of Word, but it sure is a lot easier to find my way around.

    Likewise for Numbers, but the conversion to Excel is not always as successful as Pages to Word.

    Before printing using a PC I often have to do a bit of reformatting. Depending on the version of Windows and Word installed on the various computers in the office at work, the formatting may differ from the original Pages document.

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