Get ready for the brain challenge with Word Fusion for iOS!

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    Otto is a 10-year-old boy with passion for chemistry and science. Usually his inventions bring more harm than benefit, until he got an odd present from an unknown stranger. Inside he found an unusual chemistry set. Its beakers must be filled with knowledge before the experiments explode to discover the mysteries that await.

    Word Fusion is a challenging fast paced word game with vibrant graphics and intuitive controls that will take you on adventure with Otto and his magical chemistry set. To win, you need to be smart and fast. Good luck!



    *Single Player Mode*
    Challenge yourself and see how many words you can find in a limited time!

    *3 Multiplayer Modes*
    - GameCenter online
    - Nearby with Bluetooth (No Internet connection required!)
    - On the same device (ipad only)
    Compete against friends and family! Find out who is the Word Master!

    *22 levels with increasing difficulty*
    The further you go, the harder it gets!

    *Multitouch support*
    Grab a friend to play together on the same device!

    *Game Center leaderbords*
    Climb up on the very top!

    *Voice chat via GameCenter*
    Talk to your rival while playing!

    Download to iTunes:



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