Get Windows working on a MBP from an external device

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by NicEXE, May 31, 2010.

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    In conclusion: I want to be able to boot to windows 7 from an external drive.

    My main questions:
    1: How to install windows 7 to an external hard drive
    2: How to boot windows 7 from an external hard drive

    My thoughts:
    From all the external volumes I found out that I can only boot from firewire interface.
    Can windows 7 be installed on an exfernal firewire hard drive or do I have to install it in another way? (do I need any firewire drivers for wondows that can be loaded through the win7 installation process?)
    Can I boot win7 from a firewire hdd? (does my mbp allows me to do that)

    in case that my mbp does not allows me to boot win7 from firewire or when it boots from firewire it does not runs the "BIOS emulation process for windows compatibility" i thought that booting to win7 with the compatibility process mentioned above runs when booting to bootcamp partition so booting a bootloader placed on bootcamp partition will make my mbp to run the compatibility process. (by that point the compatibility process is already executed) The bootloader will be booted and actually boot from firewire (where win7 exists)
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    The only surefire way to have Windows entirely on a removable external drive is to run it in Parallels/VMWare Fusion/Virtualbox.

    If you must have native (Boot Camp) execution, read the guide: there are no ways that have been reported beyond this that actually work. Also, I am not aware of modifications similar to for Windows 7.

    Maybe someone else has better news for you, but I've been in this form long enough to have heard if there was a new method that worked.


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