iPod touch Gettin a iphone 4s, which ipod to keep?


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Aug 29, 2008
I've been told that a 16 gig iphone 4s is a possibility for christmas gift, which I would like. I already have a 3rd gen 64 gig touch, as well as an old 1st gen 32 gig touch. I have about 30ish gigs of music on my hard drive, not much in video. I really like the idea of the iphone because the cam would be convenient, and I'm due for a new phone anyway. I don't want my phone any my ipod to be the same device, as I think it would be inconvenient to have to plug my phone into a stereo as my main music source, so I'm thinking about selling one of the touches.

Which would you sell and which would you keep? I'm leaning towards keepin the 1st gen, sellin the 3rd. Even though the 3rd gen is capable of much more, I'd have the iphone to handle those capabilities. I think I would really only use the 1st gen for music only. Open to suggestions...

Also, quick question, since my 1st gen is buried in a box somewhere, did the 1st gen have bluetooth capabilities? Not a deal breaker but would be nice to know.



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Nov 3, 2011
I'd like to sold both of 2 because I don't like to take 2 big screen outside and iPhone 4S can also playback music very well.


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Feb 10, 2011
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Why sell them? Keep them around, then in 20 years pull them out again and compare them with the iPod touchs that are out then.
I sold my first video iPod 5th gen and 3rd gen iPod touch and regret it big time. Luckily I found a 3rd gen iPod touch in a lost and found, wiped it clean and put iOS 5 on it. Fun.
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