Getting a cracked MB fixed under warranty

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by djellison, Jan 4, 2008.

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    I bought this MB as a refurb last May - so the warranty will expire this May.

    A few weeks ago, the very common piece along the front right edge of the palmrest came off - and yesterday a 3-4 inch piece along the right hand edge of the palmrest came off in exactly the same way.

    My plan is to buy an MBP at the end of this month (which ever flavor I like the look of post MW) - so I can then transfer my 'stuff' across, leaving me free to send the MB away for repair witout leaving myself sans-laptop. On it's return, it'll go to my other half who's lusted after the thing since I got it :)

    Has anyone got any experience (UK specific) of getting these things fixed. Do I take it to an Apple Store, an Auth service centre? I have no intention of paying, the flaw is clearly with the design given just how many people have had the problem. I'm just looking for the right sort of info I need to know before going and getting the service I believe I should expect.


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    If you live near an Apple Store then do take it in for one of the geniuses to have a look. If you're luck they'll take it in for repair *free of charge*, however I'm afraid that they might think you intentionally broke it - therefore making you pay for the repair.

    Perhaps it maybe helpful if you could post some photos of your MacBook where it cracked so that we can analyse it better.

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