getting a mac soon, had a few questions

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    im speaking as a future macbook user here. i plan on buying a external hard drive for my time machine back ups and i wanted to know does it make sense to partition the drive into 2 volumes? like one for regular files such as music docs moviesetc and one for time machine? or no? because what im thinking is when you back up files using time machine you can access them from the external hard drive i would use for time machine and access the files from there and add more files to it as i please or is that wrong?

    also suppose your mac has hard drive failure and everything gets erased and you boot it up from the cd and restore using time machine. does time machine restore all the apps you had before like photo shop, logic, pretty much the apps you had to install with a cd?

    alsoo suppose a year goes by and i decide to buy a new mac can i restore the data from old mac to the new one with time machine? if so how?
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    Yes and no, you can do both, as Time Machine only creates one folder in the root directory, "Backups.backupdb", so there is plenty of visual room on the external HDD for lots and lots of folders.


    Yes, like with a broken HDD, you can re-install Mac OS X and use the Setup Assistant or use Migration Assistant with an already setup Mac.

    Information Overload

    MacOS X 10.5, 10.6: How to use Migration Assistant to transfer files from another Mac

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