Getting a MacBook Pro from Best Buy ended up better than expected

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Vudoo, Oct 17, 2008.

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    I've been looking to get a Mac for almost 2 years now trying to decide between the Mac Pro and the MacBook Pro mainly for photo editing. So I finally decided on the MacBook Pro, but held off since I knew a new model was coming out.

    The new model came out and I was iffy with it since I expected more and the glossy only LCD thing sort of turned me off on it. So I went to the Best Buy store on Wednesday night hoping that they would price match the clearance price of $1799 for the early 2008 2.5 Ghz model. I showed the store manager Apple's website and he said he wouldn't do it because he would lose too much money. This annoyed me to the point that I e-mailed Best Buy corporate the next day stating how disappointed I was with their price match policy.

    I get a call from corporate this morning apologizing and saying that the store manager should have done the price match. And they were going to send me a $25 gift card for the issue. And the irony is that Best Buy lowered their prices to match the Apple clearance prices today anyways.

    At this point, I was contemplated on getting the entry level late 2008 model for $1999. I stopped by the Apple store to check out the new MacBooks and MacBook Pros and talked to some of the employees. I like the track pad and the case, but I really didn't care for the black keys, black bezel and the glossy LCD. So I decided on the 2.5 early 08 model and even the Apple store employee thought that was the better option.

    Off to Best Buy I went.

    Of course it took forever for someone to help me, but it was actually for the best that it did take so long because I met this guy who was also getting the 2.5 MacBook Pro and he was having another BB employee checking with the manager on applying the student/teacher discount. The employee came back saying that the manger approved it. So it was going to be only $1599 instead of $1799! I went to the car and grabbed my student ID so I could get the discount as well.

    But here comes the moment of suspense, it was the last one they had in the store and the other guy was their first. The employee then got on the phone with another store to see if they could transfer one in the morning. Now I was wondering if I would walk out of the store with it tonight or not. Lucky for me, the other guy wanted BB to do a 4 GB RAM upgrade and they would have to do it tomorrow, so he opted to wait until tomorrow and I got the MacBook Pro tonight. I did tell him that he could save money by doing it himself, but the BB employee told him that it would void his warranty if he did. I think that spooked him and it ended helping me out.

    So I ended up paying $1731.99 ($1599.99+tax) with 18 months of no interest on my Best Buy credit card, plus $35 in Reward certificates and the $25 gift card. So my real cost for a brand new 15.4" LCD, 2.5 Ghz, 512 MB VRAM, MacBook Pro was only $1671.99! And to think I was considering a refurbished model that would have cost me $1623.75 after tax. And yes, would only been $1643.99 after the $150 rebate, but the extra $28 I ended up paying to have it now and not having to deal with the rebate process was worth it.

    That's the end of my journey...sorry that it was so long.

    It has been 10 years since I really used and supported a Mac. But I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional so I should be able to figure it out. :D

    My new MacBook Pro should be done charging now...
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    Even trained monkeys can figure some things out.. :D

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