Getting a Powerbook (firewire) Wireless


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Jun 19, 2004
Hey i got my hands on a *according to mactracker* Powerbook (Firewire).
Its a G3 400 mghz which has 768 megs of ram. And im wondering how i can get it on my schools wreless network back at home in Utah, can i just slap on an old airport card? Thanks ahead of time!


steve jr.

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Jul 4, 2005
Akron, OH
Hey Koree,

Well, there will probably have to be a little more work involved than just putting in an AirPort card. You should probably check first with the school's tech department and see if the school's wireless system, and network in general support Mac. You will want to see if they charge a usage fee for using their wireless too. I have heard in some instances that they have to setup the computer to work with their network which could possibly result in loss of some stuff, but I don't see why they would apply all sorts of administrative stuff on it since it is your own computer. Hope this helps a little.

- Steve


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Jul 8, 2005
You can make your machine wireless-ready by just throwing in an Apple airport card, and considering that wireless internet uses the same standard across the board (802.11b/g), regardless of the OS, there should be no problem with your Mac being supported... it's just a matter of whether the school will let you connect to their wireless network... It isn't just a matter of waltzing through your school's gate and finding a signal... you will more than likely require a password to acces the wireless point, and as Steve said, there may be red-tape and/or fees involved, depending upon your school. My school allows studennts to connect there laptops free of charge... the Catholic school across the road on the other hand, charges their students a fee for the privilege...