Getting a prepaid SIM in Canada

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by masciam, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. masciam macrumors member

    Sep 15, 2011
    Hi everyone,
    I'm going to Canada in a few weeks and would like to know if any of the carriers offer prepaid sim cards with data packages, and which one would you recommend? I'm going to Toronto first and then Montreal.

    Also, on an unrelated question, does Apple sell unlocked iPhones in Canada right from day 1?

  2. heehee macrumors 68020


    Jul 31, 2006
    Same country as Santa Claus
    Not sure where you are from but our data is very expensive. Rogers and bell has good coverage for prepaid cards and they are pretty much every where.

    Yes, Apple Store sells unlocked iPhones, same as Rogers and Bell, tax is 13% in Toronto though.

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