Getting access to iPod fleet through troubled MacBook?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by TheDude75, Apr 12, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    I have a tricky question which relates to a MacBook Pro and a fleet of iPods (which are supervised). I will describe the issue to the best of my ability, and describe my Apple abilities as those of a beginner. Hopefully someone can take pity on my situation and attempt to 'throw me a rope' so that I can continue climbing out of the hole that I find myself in!

    When I commenced my current job my predecessor said to me "Don't update the MacBook" in amongst many other things. Unfortunately I did not take his statement as gospel, and as a result I made the mistake of upgrading from Mac OSx 10.8 (ML) to 10.11 (EC).

    The challenge is that the MacBook in question is responsible for supervising a fleet (of about 200) iPods. More specifically the iPods are now a few years old and as a result they are running iOS 6. In order to install a custom app (developed for my employer) and supervise the iPods it is necessary to use the Apple Configuratior 1.0. However unfortunately (and as 'Murphy' would have it) the only App that no longer ran on the updated (El Capitan) MacBook was Apple Configurator 1.0! Of course Apple Configurator 2.0 works just fine, however the catch 22 is that this program will only service iOS7+ devices, so the new Configurator will not work with my iPod fleet.

    In my lack of experience I attempted to revert to OSx 10.8, and unfortunately made a real mess of the situation. I had to send the MacBook to a reputable local repair store where they were able to once more get it up and running. Furthermore they did a fine job of trying to get the newly repaired MacBook to work with one of my iPods...through methods that are far beyond me.

    To the best of my knowledge relevant certificates, and provisioning profiles are installed on the MacBook, however I see the message below in Apple Configurator 1.0 -


    Furthermore when using the iPhone Configuration Utility I see the message presented below -


    I believe that the installation id of OSx has changed and as a result the iPods no longer recognize the MacBook and reject attempts by it to program them. However hopefully I am wrong about this!

    I am now wondering is there any way at all to get access to my iPod fleet? For example are there additional steps which can be taken on the MacBook which will allow me to regain access, or is there some way of factory resetting the iPods so that I can start fresh with them (currently it doesn't even seem possible to turn them off with the power button).

    Any help or advice here will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

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    Eeeee - yeah, when managing a lot of devices it is best to wait to upgrade until all ramifications are fully understood.

    Did you happen to have a TimeMachine backup from when the machine was on 10.8? I sort of doubt it, but that would solve your problem fairly easily.

    If you don't have TimeMachine set up, do it now.

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