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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by RMD68, Oct 14, 2007.

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    I attend a University that has a universal wireless internet access lets call it University-Net. University-Net is accessible for all students as long as you can pick it up. Usually when you are outside waiting for class, or when in the Union, or even in many classes you can pick up the signal and hop on the web. The problem is in a few of my classes I am unable to get a signal and therefore can not connect to the internet. The reason for not being able to get signal is not because you are not allowed to receive it in the building its just that some classes are down stairs or buried deep behind walls where its hard to get reception I've seen on the internet a few devices to get better reception but most of them seem like junk (as well as not for legal purposes). In my case I'm not hijacking a signal illegally but rather I'm just picking up the University signal where its hard to get. Is there any sort of realistic peripheral I can add to my MacbookPro in order to get the Wi-Fi signal or will I have to just live with the fact I can't get it in some classes. I hope thats not the case and there is something to do. Thanks in advance for any advice I receive.
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    Depending on how much you're willing to spend, one option would be to get a wireless card with an antenna jack for the expresscard slot in the MBP; you could then stick a larger antenna on it to (hopefully) boost reception.

    I've done this with an older PowerBook and a directional antenna to get service in a "dead spot" on my campus' wireless network, and it worked quite well. (It is physically huge in my case, though, and I'm doing it for completely different reasons.)
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    That looks like something I was looking for. Anyone on the forums have any experience with a device like this? If so is there enough gain in reception? Thanks in advance.
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    Buyer Beware

    I purchased the Quickertek wireless usb transceiver (part #27xvr-usb) which is totally worthless. It became extremely hot and their software caused my computer to crash. When I demanded a refund, they relied on the “terms of sale” accompanying the shipment which only provides “store credit”. My attorney advises that they may be in violation of the Magnusen – Moss Warranty Act (Federal Lemon Law) and I’m going after these charlatans.

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