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Feb 20, 2008

I have a 2G iPhone which I have WinPwnd on 2.0.1. I have downloaded eReader, the free ebook app, and would like to get some free ebooks from the guttenburg project on there to read.

How can I do this?

I have installed OpenSSH and have WinSCP so that I can browse the iPhones filesystem, but I can't for the life of me find the directory that eReader stores its books in (I have purchased and downloaded at least 2, but can't see them).

I also downloaded, from the ereader site, an app called DropBook, which looks like it will take a regular text file and convert to .pdb format for reading in eReader, which is exactly what I'm looking to do.

Any idea where these elusive books are stored?



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Jun 18, 2004
I can't answer your stated question, but have you tried Stanza (free in App store?). I believe there is a method of converting non-secured ebooks from your computer to a format that can be read in Stanza on the iPhone by using their application.


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Jan 16, 2008
For the eReader app, you'll need to convert books to the ereader format. There are several free tools for doing that. Then follow the directions here for getting them onto your iPhone:

I have tried Bookshelf, another iPhone app which costs $10. It's a bit easier to get random content into it because you don't need to convert it to a special format. You just run the Bookshelf server on your computer, and you can put txt, html, and various other format files that it understands onto your iPhone.

I haven't tried Stanza yet, but apparently it's a bit easier to get personal content, such as books downloaded from Project Gutenberg, into it compared to eReader, since Stanza provides a desktop app for converting books to its format. Stanza is free right now, but according to their website the beta versions you download now will expire in a couple of months, and then you'll need to buy it for about $15.


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Jan 23, 2008
Just make sure that you have an eReader account, then follow the instructions on their site for getting them into your account. From there you can just import them on your phone. I have one book from eReader itself, and 3 from, all 4 work great! :)