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Feb 17, 2013
New York, New York
This app seems like it's still in Beta form. Using it on my AppleTV, I chose to create an '80's station by choosing "80's" under "Decades" under "Genres". All it does is play the same songs over and over again, by the same small group of artists. Tried adding about 8 different artists that were big in the '80's it wasn't playing and it doesn't play them. Have it set to play only "Hits" but, it keeps playing tracks from albums that were never released as singles. Sometimes, It will play a song, and then play it again after only playing one different song in between. Sometimes, I've told it to never play a song, and it's played it again in the same fashion, and I had to tell it to never play that song a second time. It will also play the same artist twice in a row. Pandora offers a better listening experience at this point. Apple really needs to do more work on it's algorithms.


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Apr 17, 2011
I've hat the Beatles Station on casually listening for the last few hours and have noticed some repeating... haven't paid attention to closely but it was repeating enough to notice. I haven't tried creating a station in any manner yet...


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Jan 1, 2008
I've also found that the custom stations to be a little flakey. I've been listening most of the afternoon, and it's played one song from the artist I built the custom station from, and three from my 'more like this' list. This isn't fatal, but I expected to hear more from my chosen artists before the other stuff starts repeating.

On the other hand, the pre-built stations seem to work very well, and are just what I want when I pick a genre to listen to. The sound quality has been excellent for me, and since I have iTunes Match there are no ads.

While typing this, iTunes Radio just randomly stopped. Growing pains, I suppose. :)


Bob Coxner

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Mar 24, 2011
Pre-made stations do seem to work ok but custom stations are terrible. I've added 30 artists to one station and have never heard a single song from any of them. Also, my custom stations usually stop completely after 8 songs and then never work again.
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