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Discussion in 'iPod' started by starnox, Dec 18, 2005.

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    Apr 15, 2005
    Anyone know how u can get feedback to Apple. Cos I don't think their feedback form is actually working. Anyone have any other methods? This is what I sent through the feedback form anyway:

    It seems this feedback form is outdated, there is no iPod (video) model in the selection list, iTunes 5 and 6 aren't listed either and you might want to add 'Playing videos' to the what do you use your ipod for section. Anyway I will get onto my request.

    Having used macs for about a year I decided I would get an iPod, and I got a 30gb ipod (video). I have one slight problem with the way in which podcasts are listed. In iTunes 6 when browsing music in the artists column all the podcast artists are grouped together in an artist called 'Podcasts' and this is good since if you subscribe to a podcast with more than one artist you don't want 20 names to be filling up your artists column. However on my iPod it doesn't group them together like on iTunes 6. So my request would be that podcast artists are grouped together on your ipod just like they are in iTunes 6.

    I have also found another bug when watching videos. You will need to follow these exact steps to get the bug.

    1) Start watching a widescreen video (like a trailer of some description where black bits appear above and below the image on your iPods screen).
    2) Hit menu until you get back to the main ipod menu.
    3) Put your iPod to sleep either by holding down play/pause or selecting the sleep option.
    4) Wake your ipod
    5) Select now playing from the main menu.

    *Make sure your ipod isn't connected to a computer/mac or charging while doing the above.

    Now when the video continues playing it will actually become fullscreen (e.g. pixelated and the sides will get cut off). I don't think this should happen, shouldn't it stay in widescreen like it was before you paused it.

    Hopefully you will get this feedback because this form doesn't look like it gets used much since it's so outdated. I would be grateful if you e-mailed me to say you received, if you don't I will try and get it to you through another method as it would be nice if these issues were sorted out. If you have any further questions then I will be delighted to help.

    Keep up your good work,

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