Getting Guitar Hooked Up to iBook


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Jul 20, 2005
Philadelphia, PA
Hi, I have the newest iBook 12". I noticed it only has audio out.

What is the cheapest way I can get my guitar and amp connected to my iBook. I've seen some devices before, but they seem too expensive.

With the one device i've seen, it hooks your guitar up to the iBook, but when you record in Garageband, you only can hear what you play during playback. So I need something that would also be able to hook up to my amp so I can hear while i'm playing. Bear with me if I was a little hard to understand. Thanks.


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Apr 11, 2003
This is pretty cool:

Griffin iMic

They also have a guitar chord specifically for this purpose, but I just use a big to mini adaptor on a regular chord out of the line-out from my amp straight into the computer. So I guess you would go

Guitar>amp>Lineout>big to mini adapter>iMic>iBook.

Edit: I don't actually go back to the amp for output- the computer audio goes out to my stereo, and I keep a headphone adaptor in the amp's headphone jack to keep the amp from outputting any sound.

Edit again: Did I not even READ your Post? :D

You shouldn't have any problem listening to what you are playing, playing and listening over music you've already recorded, etc. You just have to have an amp powering it on the way in, and a good sound output, like a stereo. I use it ANY time I play, because you can filter how your guitar sounds in all sorts of ways in real time.


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Aug 2, 2005
Ossining, NY
While in GarageBand, in the track preferances (double-click on the guitar track), make sure you have the monitor option checked. You should be able to hear what you're playing.


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Jun 11, 2005
If you decide to record acoustic bit through ibooks own microphone like I did (no fasttrack or imic in my arsenal yet) make sure you monitor throug headphones. otherwise it gets kinda... ****d up. ;)
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