Getting iBook PDFs *from* the iPad to the Mac?

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    I recently reformatted my Mac, and in my haste I backed up the wrong iTunes folder.

    Music I'm not too fussed about, because I have very little that wasn't purchased from iTunes. Same with Apps, I can simply 'transfer purchases' from the iPad and everything is there in iTunes.

    However, I can't find a way of getting my iBooks PDFs back into iTunes. I have around 15Gb worth of PDFs that I have added to iBooks after downloading from websites, emails and previously added through iTunes.

    The only possible solution I'm aware of is via a Jailbreak, which I'd much rather not do.

    Is there another way of doing this that I'm not aware of?
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    Hey there...You try a program that let's you view the iPad as a USB device. I just did a quick search and got this. I have never used it and do not know if it's the best. I'm just using as an example. This way you won't have to JB your iPad but can access your files.
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    Thanks for the reply :)

    I've just fired that up, and am currently copying my entire books folder over from the iPad to my desktop. Looks like it will do the trick perfectly!

    Much appreciated :)
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    This is actually a great little program. Thanks you for this!

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