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Discussion in 'iPad' started by gadget123, Feb 18, 2012.

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    Apr 17, 2011
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    I can't wait for this new ipad announcement. I'm using my iPad 2 less now mainly as I use the of but its still always with me in other rooms or if I'm out.

    The gaming side has worse off for me. iPod on the device I rarely use. I mostly use it as a web browser and ereader.

    I must admit since the IOS safari update tabs make it more cluttered. I use Sky Go alot it's a UK app very good one. Great for watching tv on. I used Garage Band alot in the early days of iPad 2 so I hope they can make a 2.0 for IPad 3. The news stand update has made digital newspapers more than just a paper on a digital screen but interactive and nice.

    So I'm hoping to be renovated by iPad 3. Maybe better cameras too so I can use this as an alternative to my 4S on the go. HD FaceTime is a just aswell. The retina update will get boring after a day as it did with the iPhone. I might feel a little dissapointed if it keeps the same design as the iPad 2 as going from 4 to 4S has been dull. I hope Siri also comes but again it's a gimmick feature unless you want it to tell a joke it's hopeless but maybe it can be better on iPad. Atleast asking I to google will seem cooler on a proper laptop/PC sort of device.
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    You sound like you're probably loads of fun to hang out with

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