Getting iTunes to "forget" iPhone

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    My MacBook and MacBook Pro both have iTunes libraries that were cloned from the old iTunes library on a now-retired PC which used to sync my iPhone with. So, my iPhone wants to sync with both when I connect it. I would like it to sync only with the MBP, and not the MB. Is there any way I can get iTunes to "forget" that it ever saw my iPhone on the MB?

    After migrating the whole library it seems to have "known" my iPhone even though the whole library was moved from the PC over to the Mac.

    I remember finding a folder (on Windows) with the serial number of all my iPods and iPhone, but I can't find anything like that on my Macs. I have checked in /Library and ~/Library and ~/Music/iTunes, but can't find anything like what I had seen on Windows.d

    Do I need to also change some id number for the iTunes Library itself?

    EDIT: I think I found my answer in an article on doing the exact opposite, i.e. getting iTunes to sync with multiple computers.

    Seems like I just need to change the Library Persistent ID in the iTunes Library binary file with a hex editor.


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