Getting kicked off iChat

this is funah

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Oct 13, 2005
Berlin, Germany
I like to keep my computer running at all times and whenever i use any P2P program (i've tried most of them, limewire, cabos, acquisition, azureus, transmission, bittorrent, etc.) i get kicked off of iChat numerous times.

i am running off a Belkin Pre-N wireless router that is capable of 54mbps, and when i run a speakeasy bandwidth test, i get 515kbps. So, i assume that when my download speeds reach that level, then maybe i should get kicked, but i am only downloading at speeds around 75 to 200 kbps and i still get kicked.

am i running into a port conflict or something? please help, this has happened since i got the iMac in october and i've had enough. thankyou


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May 15, 2005
NG9, England
I have similar issues with ethernet at times. When my network connection goes down, it suggests unplugging the modem for 30 seconds and it should reset, which more often than not it does. Any connections I have often then get reconnected immediately as they keep trying every minute or so by default. Adium on the other hand disconnects me almost as soon as it can't connect to any servers and won't reconnect until I tell it to.

If you lose it for just a second or two, some let you off the hook, others don't.