getting last life drops out of iMac 2002

Discussion in 'iMac' started by aicul, Feb 21, 2013.

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    I have a sunflower iMac 20" and it works fine. But over time some limitations of the PPC are become an inconvenience (ie. no FT, no new software, no messages, no this, no that).

    So I finally caved in and got myself the new iMac 27".

    But I'm sort of sad at having to dispose of a perfectly operational 11 year old iMac. Man these things just don't die !

    Then I read that it is possible to connect another iMac to the iMac 27" due to its (massive) graphics capabilities.

    This could give my old iMac a new life/use, but I'm sort of not clear how to do this.

    Anyone done this, can provide advice?
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    I know I'm not answering the question, but even if you can't hook it up to your new iMac, you should keep it anyway. Use it for basic tasks or just as a backup, especially considering that it is in a perfect working condition. Don't get rid of it.
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    Jan 3, 2013
    I agree with this
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    Feb 11, 2013
    Agreed with the other guys, personally my parents bought our first iMac when I was still in Elementary School, wee lad in 5th Grade haha. That thing is still alive 7 years later, about 5 years back and some odd months, my father's job had us moving quite often from county to county. So he figured that a laptop for him and my mother than I could use would be a better investment, since I was a gamer back then and didn't really use the computer for much.

    So when me and my parents went to visit family in South America, we took it with us and gave the computer to my Grand Parents! It was something they really appreciated because of it's simple design physical and in the form of software. Helps us keep in touch via Skype nowadays and talk to each other without being gouged by Phone Companies.

    These computers are built to last, even if you don't want to keep it. Give it to a friend or family member who doesn't have it, or if you're really attached to it just keep it tucked away safely in your closet. If something happens, you'll always have it to use. It's sometimes rare to find devices that don't end their lifespan before a full decade, but the old iMacs were just insane in terms of how durable and useful they are.
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    The gist of my post was to "not get rid of it", but that requires that it has some use.

    Anyone know how to link the screens?
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    I have a 17" 800MHz G4 iMac, it still works fine. I've maxed it out a bit, with 768MB of RAM and a 300GB HDD. I've also upgraded the OS past the officially supported level. I may load a few educational things on it for the kids, and let them have it. You could also donate it to a school. Often times, they either have use for it in a classroom, or can find a needy family that could use it for the children to do homework on. A $5 USB drive would let them bring files to and from school.
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