Getting macbook next week, couple questions


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Jul 21, 2007
Hello, this is my first post as I'm getting ready to get rid of my Dell space hog and get a macbook. I'm going to start to get accessories for it now, I'm looking into getting a silicone keyboard cover for e-bay (yes I'm scared of the keyboard b/c I was always able to just attach a new one if anything spilled w/ my desktop) so does anyone actually use them or would it just be a clunky thing I will throw out after a week? Also does anyone use the hard snap-on case the fully protects exterior of the macbook? I heard those can scratch the macbook more when you try to remove it and I have a feeling it will look ridiculous lol. I know when it comes to electronics I buy all these protective things and then after the novelty wears off I get rid of the protection stuff (such as cell phone cases etc.) Also, please let me know of any other accessories that would benefit me. I'm definitely going to have more questions later as I really can't wait! Thanks!



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Jun 27, 2006
Seattle, WA
I use an iSkin on my MacBook Pro to protect it's keyboard and it's pretty nice. You might want to consider getting one of them. If you really want to be protective of the MacBook you could get a See-thru case, I also have one of these on my MacBook Pro and it does a great job of protecting it.


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Jun 5, 2007
Wellington, NZ
i use/recommend:

1. Logitech MX or VX revolution mouse
2. Incase sleeve
3. Apple wireless BT keyboard
4. Invisible Shield