getting money back from an airline for REALLY bad service

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by shecky, Jun 22, 2007.

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    Obviously you're not a golfer.
    alternate thread title: "Is it possible to get blood from a stone?"

    i had a hellish, drawn out and ridiculously bad experience last week getting to and coming back from seattle to providence via Delta. i will not go into the boring details but the upshot is i got to seattle a day late (and missed some wedding stuff i was supposed to be a part of) and returned back to providence a good 18 hours late and did so only by renting a one-way car from JFK and driving home (one way car rental for 5 hours: $180. driving while stressed, overtired and on only 2 hours of sleep grabbed in an airport terminal in the past 30 hours: priceless.)

    delta says the issues were "weather related" and i say the issues were "gross incompetence" on their part. i am sure the truth lies somewhere in-between. i understand that Delta does not control the weather any more than i do, and i also understand the nature of air travel in 2007 is one of discomfort and inconvenience, and i am not one to wantonly bitch and moan, but i really got jerked around by delta and i am pissed beyond measure and want some kind of compensation/retribution for what i had to deal with.

    so the question is has anyone ever gotten anything back from an airline for insanely, ridiculously bad service? ultimately, my ideal resolution would be a full refund of the 2 plane tickets and a check to cover the rental car. i fully expect this will not happen, but i am wondering what other's experiences have been and what you did or did not do to get some satisfaction. i have been advised to write a detailed, upset but respectful letter to Delta and to Orbitz (where i bought the tickets) explaining exactly what happened and what i want in return.
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    I don't know if you will really be able to get anything from it, but my guess is that your best bet would be to first try calling Delta's hotline from their website for customer support and try there... My experience is that emailing and stuff doesn't really get any done on a personal level.

    I'd be surprised if you get a refund because it is weather related, you may get a coupon or voucher for a future flight... They'll also most likely not cover your rental because they'd likely consider that a choice by you to pay extra and inconvenience yourself.. but it doesn't hurt to try.
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    If you have any Skymile™ status recognition, you can call their 1-800 to appeal to a representative. When it's "weather related" you're probably out of luck. It's the one time when airlines and other cover-your-*rse-policy related agencies believe in "Acts of God".

    We were caught in the same bad weather (I assume) barrage of canceled flights with American returning from Costa Rica during that week. Platinum status helped us get on a stand-by a few gates down though. So, if you are a Skymile member, at least you can try, though I'd say your chances are slim to none for any kind of reimbursement, even for pain and suffering. Sorry.
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    If Delta says it's for weather you probably won't get a dime from them.

    And I doubt it was a case of "gross incompetence." It's quite possible they screwed you (as any airline does to any customer) but I have a feeling there are many factors that you are unaware of and have not considered.
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    I had a horrible experience with US Airways (never again shall I fly USSR Shitways), I called demanding a refund. (And no, it was not weather-related).

    I got $44 back. Better than nothing. US Airways is pure crap.

    And guess what I just found on my credit card bill? A charge for $44 from them. What's worse is that they made the charge from France, and that they listed an invalid phone number. How pathetic can you get?

    I'm sending the credit card hounds after them, that's obvious.
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    My mom took me to europe for my 16th birthday, and we had a horrible experience (with the flights at least). Alitalia was supposed to take us to milan, but they were overbook, so we waited for a while, to be put on a plane going through frankfurt. On the way back, alitalia cancelled a couple of their flights, but ours wasn't, however, everyone whos flight got cancelled somehow got on our plane, so it was overbooked again. We got vouchers for $200 for each of us for our troubles, but it took them a solid 8 months to give us the money.
    Needless to say, i am never flying with them again!
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    I got a $100 voucher from US Airways when they sent my suitcase to Hartford instead of Buffalo. Of course, this was before 9/11 when the airlines were making money. If it's obvious incompetence on their part, you can sometimes get a credit out of them. But if it truly is weather-related, I doubt they'll budge. All you can do is ask...try SkyMiles if you're a member (particularly if you have a very frequent flyer with them), or else just write a letter/e-mail to the airline explaining that you are a loyal customer put off my the way they handled the situation.
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    Getting bumped is not the same as voluntarily giving up your seat for a voucher. I'm surprised, on an international flight, they'd be so stingy as to only offer a $200 voucher though. I've waited on some oversold flights 'til the price goes to US$900. Then and only then, would I be tempted to take a second look at schedules.

    I don't blame you for going elsewhere with your future business.
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    Delta normally offers you $1000 cash if you give up your seat on DL69 (CHP-ATL). Last time I was in Chicago the killed wrecked my suitcase. They sent a $600 check with an apology. All in all, I would say Delta is a rather good company compared to some other players out there.

    Back to the original question. I have received a couple of €50 vouchers from KLM when they have messed up bad, but that is it. When I was stranded on a layover in Washington DC due to bad weather SAS told me to camp out in the terminal!! After hard negotiating I got a hotel voucher. Most people didn't get anything.
    Bottom line, I seriously doubt you can squeeze out some money from them. The normal policy is that acts of God are not covered at all.

    My advice to you is get a AMEX card. They have the best travel insurance I have seen. They pay new airline tickets, upgrades, hotels, car rentals, new clothes, when the airline companies screw up.
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    check out :D there's great tips on how to get better service from companies, and maybe you could get your problem solved in an ideal manner :)
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    two weeks ago a bunch of my college friends and I went to the west coast to vacation and took american airlines direct flight (first class) from san francisco to jfk airport. (this was after the jfk terrorists shenanigans, btw). not only did they delay our flight 10 hours because of mechanical issues (they couldnt have the same crew work on the plane due to union restrictions), once we got home (at 2AM mind u) they told us they lost our luggage! it wasnt until two days later they found our stuff. long story short, they gave us 2 voucher first class tickets, which in my opinion wasnt worth all the hassle to begin with. :mad:

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