Getting my first iPhone-Have some questions

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by solaronyx, Jan 20, 2015.

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    I'm not new to Apple, I already have a family of Apple products: iPod Touch 2g, iPod Touch 5g, iPad Mini With Retina, and 13" Macbook pro early 2011. Now I'm adding the iPhone. Right now I have a very cheap phone from TracFone I been using for a couple of years and it is time for me to move up. I'm planning on signing up to T-Mobile $80 Unlimited minutes, text, and data w/ 5GB tethering plan(Post-paid). I will be paying for the phone full price from the Apple store. Should I let Apple active the phone(porting my number, and picking a plan), or go to T-Mobile store? Also can T-mobile use the sim card that come with iPhone pre-installed or do I still need to order one?

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    Rather than get the T-Mobile version, purchase the Sim-Free Version and use it on T-Mobile. It offers more bands and works with all carriers if you decide to switch later. You won't get a sim though. I exchanged my T-Mobile 6+ for the Sim-Free. T-Mobile charges $15 for the sim, but I'm sure you can get one for free if you insist. I had T-Mobile port my no# from Sprint. All you need is the acct.# and password.

    If you opt for a T-Mobile iPhone, the included sim will work when you port over your number.
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    I am using StraightTalk for $45 a month for unlimited everything. Works great.

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