Getting native iphone cal/contacts data into icloud

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    Hi all,

    I'm planning to upgrade 2 iPhones to 5s on Friday. Is there an easy way to get native contacts and calendar data off of the phone and onto icloud? Currently all calendar data is under "calendar" on "on my phone" on one of the phones. Contacts are the same and are local on the phone. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    I recently moved all my contacts to iCloud and it was really pretty simple. I had completely different contacts on my Mac and phone, and iCloud merged them. So I had to go thru the list, delete duplicates add e-mail addresses, etc so that I only had one entry for each person.

    Didn't take too long but I probably only have 100 contacts. It was worth it because now all my contacts are in the cloud, and if I make a change on my phone (for example), it immediately updates on my Mac as well as the iCloud web portal.

    I also had separate Calendars on my phone and Mac, although I don't use them much. I don't remember any issues in setting that up either, and now that it's in the cloud I'm starting to use the Calendar more.

    Be sure to back everything up before you enable iCloud though, just in case. :)

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