Getting new audio speakers for MBP/iMac

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    I recently owned a set of Z-5500 speakers since 2006 and have stopped sending audio of the rear channels (speakers work fine, just the two rear ports on the subwoofer dont distribute audio, the Front Right, Left and center are okay) and recently they discontinued the speakers and offered to compensate a small amount to put towards a new set since they are discontinued and outside of their warranty.

    At any rate after not having to research a good set of speakers I'm in the market for new set of speakers. I want something decently comparable or better. I wouldnt like to go over $250 for the set if its 2.0 or 2.1 set.

    As of now I picked up a set of M-AUDIO AV 40 speakers and they sound pretty good but im so still used to my old set up.

    Any other suggestions?
    (to be honest, not interested in the Harman Kardon Soundsticks or JBL sets)

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    Im only suggesting these as you mention the MBP in your title.

    I'll be getting these for my gf for her laptop :)


    They are Logitech z305 and are power only by the usb port.
    Check out this demo on YT:

    Youtube demo
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    #4 want surround?
  4. ThirteenXIII, Feb 23, 2011
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    Sorry, yeah should have been clearer. Something that could essentially replace them in a similar fashion, either a decent surround sound set up or good quality speakers.
    Sound docks and sound bars won't cut it, I'm trying the av40s now and they're good in sound production, but have a mid range for bass (but I'm sure that can be solved with a sub).

    And anyone with the AV 40s have and good recommendations for settings or preferences?
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    Once you get pro-audio speakers you wont turn back to the Z5500's.
    I have a pair of old z5500s myself and the AV 40s and have had the MAUDIO BX5A's.
    The BX5As are fantastic...but for casual listening....they do get the job done but are more helpful for recording and reference monitors. BUt if you want htem guitarcenter is having a great deal on the set for $249+taxes ( use the code BX5A or if you go instore its automatic discount.

    As for the AV 40's theyre great near field speakers that wont crumble your house, though theyd o fill a room with great leveled music. Music sounds soooo much better on the AV 40s vs the Z5500s.
    I say this with the fact I have owned multiple Z5500 sets since 2005 and were impressed with them overall with being able to throw alot of various media through them and handled them well, but they didnt reproduce audio as strongly as I would like them too and once I get a set of AV 40s it was more of a reawaking for my audio.
    There are definitely better speakers out there but you can find these for $149 easily at best buy and guitar center and never go back to the z5500s, but if youre serious about audio and want something even better, research a bit more into proaudio or even home theater set ups..but if its just a desktop replacement speaker set....ditch the z5500s and stick with the av40s.
    Set the volume on your mac all the way up and just adjust the volume through the speaker control volume to get the optimal audio out of your set.
    Also pick up a better 3.5" audio cable and RCA->3.5" audio cable as the included ones are not grounded properly and really cheaply made.

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