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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by stevey500, Mar 5, 2009.

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    Sep 8, 2004
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    I signed up for AT&T while disconnecting from Alltel 8 months ago.

    I signed up in salt lake and got the 3G iphone. Works great up there, doesn't work very well at all in some places we go off-roading in the salt lake valley where I know my alltel service would have been pegged.

    Going home, where all of my friends and family are just 2 hours away from salt lake in Emery/Carbon county utah, we have Sprint, Alltel, and Verizon covered everywhere here, Alltel was the best, if we all didn't have service, i always had service, if I DIDN'T have service when I was on alltel... it was just seriously weird.

    Being on AT&T I have absolutely no data here, just EXTREMELY and unbearably slow GPRS(?) (the circle by the AT&T logo in the corner). Making a call means I have to go outside to resist crackling and drops. My phone rarely rings, after I miss a call i didn't know i got, i get notifications for voicemails up to a day later. If I go 2 miles out to the desert, no signal. When I was on alltel, it was 5 bars all the way through our desert all the way to moab without a problem.

    My friend holly, on T-mobile... She is roaming but isn't charged for it, she has service mostly everywhere, my AT&T service doesn't compare. More bars in more places my a**.

    So, I'm thinking I should switch to t-mobile and AT&T has absolutely no records of any towers what so ever near my area at all coming up within the next 12 months (that's as far as they plan i suppose).

    Good idea? I think so.
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    Sure. As long as you live in the area with no towers you would qualify for a non-ETF cancellation.

    One suggestion: why not trial t-mobile for 30 days before cancelling AT&T and porting your number? That way you can make sure the service is truly better for your needs. :)

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