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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by comda, Feb 2, 2015.

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    Hey Macrumors fans!

    Alright. Long story short my Girlfriends dad has this macbook pro (late 2011) that had a failing drive that i posted on here. Apple replaced the drive but Lion is pretty out dated and he wants something new, a fresh install and since he did not like Yosemite i suggested well Either Mountaion lion or Mavericks.

    Now here is where it pissed me off. I had a copy of the app of mountain lion that i got from a buddy that had it previously downloaded from the app store so he re downloaded it for me. I used the image to install it on my macbook 3,1 using MLpost factor. Then last week i used the same image to install on his system and i tried burning that image to dvd. I went into the contents of the app and got the install ESD image and used disk utility in Snow Leopard to install it.

    When i tried it on his computer it took over 15 minutes to get into the DVD from boot then once installing it said 20 minutes after that it said 200,000,000 hours and then a message said failed to download additional packages or something on the lines of that.

    I also got Mavericks from another friend on my floor and once i got it on my system it showed the 4gb. But just for kicks i double clicked on it and it gave me the messsage saying this computer cant run it. A few hours later i tried burning it to DVD and it failed too. Then i looked again and no the mavericks app is 24mb. Is apple trying to stop me from using these apps?

    So what im asking is, is there a better more secure way of doing this so these apps dont currupt? Like if i burn the install ESD on to a DVD lets say right away, will i still get an app from it? or just burn both the app and the install esds on a disk to prevent curruption?
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    Use an 8GB (or larger) USB instead of a DVD - for Mountain Lion:

    For Mavericks:
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    Another choice is to use DiskmakerX to create a bootable USB flash drive.
    8GB size is ideal…

    Forget trying to use a DVD. Lion could work, but later OS X installs are useless from a DVD.
    So -
    Download the installer, but don't let it install. Use DiskmakerX to create a bootable USB flash drive for your OS X install.
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    Read the OP's post and you'll see that the owner of the computer doesn't like Yosemite :rolleyes:
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    Thank-you. Yeah being this my Girlfriends father i want to stay on the good side im on lol and i dont want to mess up again. I got really mad when i tried installing Mountain lion, it failed and i ended up grabbing his external drive and restored from the time machine backup. He knows how to use a computer but he saw the new Yosemite and told me hed appreciate it if we didnt do that. Lion works for now but i had my share of bad experiences with lion and suggested its time to move on. Me personally having a 2007 3,1 Macbook am on snow leopard but once i can figure out how to install kexts ill be on Mountaion Lion using XPostfacto again.

    As to the installs. I got a clean 5.36Gb install of Mavericks back on my system. Will defiantly not run it now. Love having people on campus to help:)

    As for the media to install it on. For sure it wont work at all on a DVD? ive tried using diskmakerX and it would fail. But not maybe it was because the images where bad..

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