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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Smileyguy, Apr 15, 2009.

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    So far I've only really used Mail in a very basic way - for reading email from three email accounts, one work, two Gmail. I've never attempted to organise things in any way.

    However, I want to clean things up a bit now. I'm getting a lot of work emails - I'm a journalist - and I want to organise them based on which article they relate to. I presumed the easiest way to do this would be to create a folder (a 'Mailbox' I take it, Mailbox > New Mailbox) and drag the relevant emails to the corresponding folder.

    However, when I do this the emails no longer appear in my overall Inbox, so when I search the Inbox, they don't appear. I've had a quick look around the Preferences, but can't see a simply option for changing this.

    Any suggestions? Am I going about this the right way organising using Mailboxes? Or is there a better way perhaps?


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    When you search you can highlight "All Mailboxes" and it will search everything.
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    Well why would they still appear in your inbox when you've moved them elsewhere?

    A more efficient way of doing this is to create a set of rules to do all the copying for you. Let's say you have a lot of email on football matches - create a mailbox called "football" then add a rule (call it "football" to be consistent) that copies all emails with "football" in the subject field to the football folder. It means you have to open the folder to be able to read the email.

    When searching, search "all folders/mailboxes" not just inbox.

    It looks like smart mailboxes are essentially saved searches that don't move the item to the mailbox just link to it (I've only just started with imail) so you could use those as well.

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