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Getting OS X clients to connect to OS X Server


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Hi folks,

Hopefully someone can help me on this, google isn't doing it's usual :(

I'm learning how to set up Open Directory on OS X Server and it's all fun and games. However, how do I get the OS X clients to connect to the server? When OS X boots up it just logs straight into the admin account by default - I want it to bring up a prompt where a user can enter their username and password as defined in the Open Directory and then be logged in with the relevant permissions.

Can anyone help?


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I'm heading back to the office shortly. Again - any ideas on getting a Mac OS X client to log in to OS X Server's Open Directory rather than just prompting to log in to the local machine?

Edit: Ok, it looks like I probably need to faff with the LDAP settings in the Directory Access Utility (Applications > Utilities). I'm not using DHCP so I assume detection of the Open Directory will not be automatic and instead need specifying manually on each machine here... All advice welcome.

Edit2: LDAPv3 is now running correctly on OS X Server, though I had to disable Link Aggregate on the ethernet ports and do a full reinstall of OS X Server as somehow it wasn't setting up the diradmin user correctly. After OS X Server was behaving, getting my iMac's to use the Open Directory was a doddle and, while I have a long way to go yet, I can now authenticate a user on any machine on the network which is a massive step forward.


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Sep 8, 2002
The Netherlands
Short how-to:

Get your Mac-Server running as Open Directory Master.

Preferred is the fact that a DNS is setup, where your Open Directory Master has an entry.

Setup users in that Open Directory database: in Workgroup Manager of the Master, add the users.

On the clients open the app Directory Access, and select LDAPv3. Select "new" and enter the IP address of ypur Open Directory Master.

Go to the system prefs, select "Accounts" and select "Login Options". Deselect "Auto login".

That, in short is what is necessary for users on the clients to authenticate to an Open directory Master.

Good luck, m8. :)


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May 20, 2011
That's great, thank you! MacsRgr8

Can you give some similar short tips / hints on connecting these logged-in Users to their Roaming Profile please.

Trying got get a lap working where people can login on any Mac, use their settings/preferences from last time and and also mounts their own HD image on their desktop.

I read all the PodCasts and tried the books but I can only get so far.
I'm not a Unix Wiz :-(

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